Action / project and relevant AONB management plan policies (P) and objectives (0)

Administer the Sustainable Development Fund for the AONB to support projects in the area promoting sustainable development and AONB objectives (P1,3,6, O18-22,24)

Develop and evaluate use of new identity and partnership directory and web site through engagement with partners, including production of partnership newsletter (P1)

Develop consistent terminology and integrated landscape guidance for the AONB as a template for wider use by local authorities and others (to include integration of reviewed nature conservation vision, ecological networks, historic landscape character) (O 1,2,6,8)

Produce action plan progress report 2006-7 as management plan appendix (O 27)

Develop and implement programme of press releases during year (P1)

Expand distribution network for Norfolk Coast Guardian (P1)

Develop Norfolk Coast Partnership position and guidance on renewable energy technologies and crops in the AONB. (O 2, 8, 19)

Develop proposals and costing for project to develop sustainable tourism in the AONB, and investigate and funding opportunities from 2008-9
onwards (drawing on the AONB tourism report and priorities agreed in November 2006) (O11, 13, 15, 16)

Produce three articles for local community newsletters, liaise with editors to get these used and monitor take-up and feedback (P1,3, O24)

Make information on access in the AONB easily available to the public through NCC Access web site (as part of Norfolk-wide information) (O 16)

Develop, promote and manage community section of the web site (P1,3, O24)

Produce and distribute annual report as public document (O 27)

Agree on future follow-up from Glaven valley project following conclusion of UEA project (O 2, 8)

Produce mid-year report on action plan progress (O 27)

Review and roll forward the current action plan (O 27)

Review the AONB Management Plan to produce a public consultation draft of a revised plan and commence public consultation (to include condition monitoring and indicators, action planning and Strategic Environmental Assessment) (statutory duty, P1, O25,27)

Initiate review of the Memorandum of Agreement between partners to link with the reviewed AONB management plan (P2)

Develop at least one significant scheme to remove overhead electricity lines using EDF Energy Ofgem funding to implementation stage (O 2,3)

Survey Norfolk Coast Cycleway route and facilities, revise leaflets and make information available on NCC access web site

Produce 2008 Norfolk Coast Guardian 2007 (P1) Mar 08 (partner reps organisations for articles)

Develop proposals to celebrate 40th anniversary of AONB designation in 2008 (P1)

Review and develop local community representation on partnership (parishes representative system) (P3, O24)